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Inquisitive Club
The Inquisitive club aims at General Awareness and enhancement of knowledge, to encourage the children to ask questions and empower them to become quiz masters.
Inquisitive Club Activitis schedule : 2011-2012
Month / Year Description
April 2011 Cricket - History of World Cup.

May 2011 World's First.

July 2011 Natural disaster.

August 2011 Events of the 20th Century.

September 2011 Religious Architecture (Shrines) Temple, Mosques, Church.

October 2011 Famous Mathemagic and their contributors.

November 2011 Aspects of Nuclear Technology.

December 2011 Famous Mythological cities in India.

January 2012 Mysterious places of the World.

February 2012 Awards (in different fields in India).

Our Motto :
»» My Knowledge, Your Knowledge becomes Our Knowledge.
Our Objective :
»» To cover as many aspects of G.K ranging from Literature, Science, Mathematics, History, Geography, Politics, Fine Arts and Mythology.