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Magical Words Club
» Introduction and Spelling Quiz. Magical Words Club
» Anagram - Making words from one word like [ E X A M I N A T I O N ]
» Find the partner : Matching meanings with the words.
» Scrabble (Group of 4 Children).
» Crossword Puzzle.
» Changing the part of Speech - Changing words from verb to noun, adjective to adverb.
» Identify the word - by giving examples, description without telling the actual meaning.
» Identify the part of speech. [A sentence will be written on the blackboard, the children will identify the part of speech of the underlined words].
» Spelling web - A word would be given, the team would first spell the word, then give its meaning and give its opposite or identify the part of speech.
» Word grid - Students look for antonyms. We give them sentences (given them a hint).
» Word chain.