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Odyssey Club
The motto of the Odyssey club is to make a perfect man.
Odyssey Club Activities schedule : 2011-2012
Month / Year Head Description
April 2011 Celebrating Shakespeare Introduction + An interactive session on Shakespeare plays and his characters.

May 2011 William Shakespeare A Quiz.
(Group Activity).
July 2011 J. K.Rowling
H. G. Wells
Jules Verne
Harry Potter
The Invisible Man, Time Machine
(Genre Identification).
August 2011 Hardy Boys
Enid Blyton
Read Aloud Session.
September 2011 Louisa May Alcott Group Discussion based on the author and her works.

October 2011 Group Activity Author Matching Game.

November 2011 Inviting an Author

December 2011 Edith Nesbit Movie Time.

January 2012 Mark Twain An interactive session and discussion on the author and his famous works.

Its agenda are as below :
»» Upgradation of the previous members.
»» Selecting new members from VI Std. on the basis previous of Readers club membership.
»» Every month a chart depicting the life and works of 'Author of the month' will be prepared and put on the display board by the students.