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Reader's Society
Readers Society is a club that comprises of students some of whom are voracious readers while the others who are keen to read and look upto this club as a platform from where they begin their mental journey through books.

The club aims at inculcating reading habits in the students which would further enhance their literary and language skills. As member of this club they have access to a variety of books which stimulates them to pick up reading for regular pleasure.

The club ensures that its members get to meet famous authors which makes them feel privileged.

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Be the Redaers Today to be the Leaders Tomorrow (19 August 2010)
A meeting for the Reader’s Society members with one of the emerging authors of today, Mr. Anshumani Ruddra was held on 19 August 2010.

Mr. Anshumani is India’s first author of a multiplayer gamebook. He has also written many other books in different genres. In the interactive session with the students, he emphasized on the basic difference between narrating a story and writing it. He mentioned that story telling is difficult but writing is a much more tedious job as the author has to connect with his readers only through his words and cannot be certain about their response and feedback.

His upcoming books with audios from Rahul Dravid and Aamir Khan, surely are an awaited release. The Reader’s Society members were privileged to meet him in person and learn from his experiences.