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NCC develops the overall personality of a child taking care of both the physical and mental makeup which has become paramount in today’s crime – ridden world.

NCC in our school was started in the year 1996. We are having girls NCC with 50 cadets and it is associated with 5-Delhi Girls Battilion, Delhi Directorate.

Under this various camps are organized and our NCC girls also take part in PM’s Rally.

The teacher In Charge Ms. Manju Wadhwa is at present holding the position of ANO – ASSOCIATE NCC OFFICER after completing 3 months course from Gwalior in 2003.
"BE PREPARED" - (27 January 2018)
St. Mark's School, Janakpuri - Scouts & Guides - BE PREPARED : Click to Enlarge
St. Mark's School, Janakpuri - Scouts & Guides - BE PREPARED : Click to Enlarge St. Mark's School, Janakpuri - Scouts & Guides - BE PREPARED : Click to Enlarge St. Mark's School, Janakpuri - Scouts & Guides - BE PREPARED : Click to Enlarge St. Mark's School, Janakpuri - Scouts & Guides - BE PREPARED : Click to Enlarge
True to the motto of Scouts and Guide, a one day camp was organised in school premises to enable our Scout and Guide students to be prepared at all times. Special training on FIRST AID and YOGA was imparted to our 117 scout and guide students who attended this camp.

Principal Mrs. Alka Kher welcomed the guests Mr. Mange Ram, State Organising Commissioner and Yogacharya Shri. Amit who conducted the sessions along with the incharge Mr. I. P. Arora, State Headquarter Commissioner, Delhi State.
Army Attachment Camp - (14 to 16 December 2017)

St. Mark's School, Janakpuri - Army Attachment Camp : Click to EnlargeA Physical Education Teacher

from our school attended

Army Attachment Camp

organized by 173 Medium Regiment (Kargil), Meerut,

from 14 to 16 December 2017.

Activities like firing with 5.56 Rifle (INSAS), demonstration of artillery gun 197 Medium regiment, infantry weapon, battle drill and ambush were taken up as part of advanced training


physical training exercises and games, drills, night navigation and loads of entertainment.

CATC 2017 - (13 to 22 June 2017)
St. Mark's School, Janakpuri - CATC  2017 : Click to EnlargeDivyanshi X-F, Bhoomika X-F and Rhea Bhan IX-A from our school participated at the CATC-2017, organized by 5 DGB, NCC from 13 June to 22 June. Around 545 girl cadets from different schools and colleges from Delhi participated in this camp.

The Cadets had opportunity to indulge in various activities, viz. arms training (firing .202 bore rifle), march past competition, short distance racing and painting competition. The camp culminated with Yoga day celebration on 22 June 2017, during which cadets performed many Asanas.
NCC : CATC – 2016 - (14 to 23 June 2016)
Two girls cadets of Rhea Bhan, VIII-B and Bhoomika, IX-E attended CATC 2016 (camp) from 14 June to 23 June 2016 organized by 5 Delhi Girls Battalion, under the guidance of Col. V. S. Dhankhar. In all the 300 Girls from different school and colleges participated. In this camp many events like firing, athletics, painting etc. organized.
Scouts and Guides Camp - (2 to 6 January 2016)
Our school students of Classes VI to VIII attended a Scouts and Guides Camp organized by Hindustan Scouts and Guides under the guidance of Mr. I. P. Arora, Commissioner, State Headquarters at MHDC, Saraswati Balmandir School from 2 January to 6 January 2016. The camp offered opportunity to the Scouts and Guides to participate in Yoga, Painting Competition and Self defence Training. They also portrayed their talent while enjoying the Bonfire. Gul Tomar, VI-A was declared as the Best Scout and Chavee Malhotra,, VII-F was declared as the Best Guide.
Prime Minister's Rally - (28 January 2016)
PM’s Rally - the annual event organized on 28 January as part of the Republic Day NCC Camp at Garrison Grounds by the Delhi Directorate, had showcased ‘Rhythmic Yoga’ during the rally this year amongst the other events. 610 cadets, including 15 girl cadets from Classes VII and VIII of our school, comprised the troupe that presented Rhythmic Yoga before our Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi.

The 15 girl cadets from our school were :
St. Mark's School, Janakpuri - NCC - Prime Minister's Rally
NCC - National Games - (17 October 2015)
St. Mark's School, Janakpuri - NCC - National Games
NCC CAMP - (13 to 22 June 2015)
A ten day NCC Camp was organized by 5 DG on NCC in NCC Garrison ground Delhi Cantonment.

Two girl cadets from our school participated in the camp. In this camp more stress was given on Yoga. Moreover these two girl cadets also participated in Rajpath on International Yoga Day held on 21st June 2015.
Scouts and Guides Camp - (16 to 20 May 2015)

Scouts and Guides Camp was organized by Mr. I. P. Arora, Commissioner, State Head Quarters, Hindustan Scouts and Guides at MHDC, Saraswati Bal Mandir School from 16 to 20 May 2015. In this camp students actively participated in plethora of activities such as skating, self defence training, yoga, bonfire, etc. Gul Tomar (VI-A), was declared as Best Scout and Divya Tiwari (V-G) as Best Guide.

Overall it was an enriching experience for the students.

Awards and Accolades - (17 Febryary 2015)

The Hindustan Scouts and Guides organized State Award Camp on 17 February 2015, at Rukmani Devi Public School at Rajpura Road which was head by Mr. I. P. Arora the Headquarter Commissioner of Delhi State.

Tanishq Bajaj of VII-D was declared as the ‘BEST SCOUT OF THE YEAR’. Camp was very successful, memorable and morally for the scourts and guides.
NCC 5 DLH. Girls BTN. : PM RALLY - (February 2015)
Twenty Girls Cadets from our school participated in Annual PM Rally (which is held under the aegis of Delhi Directorate). Around 700 cadets from various schools of Delhi showcased their spectacular performances. Cadets from our school showed their mental & physical fitness by performing the breathtaking ‘Aerobic Exercises’. The highlight of this event was the ribbon dance performed by our cadets to the rhythm of Indian tune.

The entire event was appreciated by our honourable PM Mr. Narender Modi.
St. Mark's School, Janakpuri - NCC NATIONAL GAMES CLOSING CEREMONY : Click to EnlargeNCC NATIONAL GAMES CLOSING CEREMONY was held on 18 October 2014. 20 Girls Cadets of Class IX participated in the Closing Ceremony of NCC National Games.

By presenting a lively performance in Pom-Pom Drill. The girls were trained under the teacher incharge Ms. Manju Wadhwa.
Scouts & Guides Camp held - (17 to 20 May 2014)
St. Mark's School, Janakpuri - Scouts & Guides Camp : Click to Enlarge St. Mark's School, Janakpuri - Scouts & Guides Camp : Click to Enlarge St. Mark's School, Janakpuri - Scouts & Guides Camp : Click to Enlarge
St. Mark's School, Janakpuri - Scouts & Guides Camp : Click to EnlargeStudents of our school participated in ‘Annual Hindustan Scouts & Training Camp’ from 17 to 20 May 2014 held at MHDC School.

Students learnt the various nuances and enhanced their skills.

This training also inculcated in them a sense of discipline and encouraged their spirit of adventure. The culmination of the event got a sweet twist when Rishabh Singh of Class VIII-C was declared best scout of the year 2014.

Kudos to the young soldier !
NCC National Games - (19 to 27 October 2013)
SMS Sr., Janakpuri - NCC National Games : Click to Enlarge
National Cadet Corps is a movement that envisages instilling discipline amongst youth. Yoga is a fitness regime that India has gifted the world, which helps its proponent to remain healthy. It is said a fertile and disciplined brain functions when it is hosted by a healthy body. This conjunction was on display when our school NCC cadets gave a yoga display in the closing ceremony of NCC National Games 2013 held at Garrison Parade ground, Delhi Cantonment on 27th October 2013. This display was appreciated by the Chief Guest Mr. A. K. Anthony - our Defence Minister.
Annual NCC Camp - (12 to 21 June 2013)
Sometimes, great memories are built through vast exposures. Our school’s NCC Cadets had gone through the same recently in the National Integration Camp held at Delhi Cantt. from 12th to 21st June 2013. Ten students (girls) participated in the camp and had a great experience. Apart from the strict regime that they followed, they were a part of many cultural programmes. Our ten cadets were among the 830 cadets who performed various duties assigned.
Lord Batton Powell“ of England invented the scouting in 1907. The basic principles which a scout has to follow are :

» Physical Fitness
» Community Service
» Spiritual Development

The principle of good turn i.e to help and serve others is also an important aspect. The various activities undertaken by them are :

» B.P Exercises (Baden Powell exercises)
» Camping and march past
» Theory classes like whistle signal
Scout Camp
Scout Camp - Click to Enlarge Scout Camp - Click to Enlarge Scout Camp - Click to Enlarge
Scout Camp - Click to Enlarge Scout Camp - Click to Enlarge Scout Camp - Click to Enlarge
A Scout Camp for classes VI-IX was organized in our school in the month of October. Various activities like river crossing, woodcraft sign, rope knots were undertaken by students under expert guidance. A keen sense of discipline and duty was all pervasive during the camp.
Bulbul & Cubs
This activity is for the boys and girls of primary level. They are taught to be mentally upright and strong by telling them inspirational stories about a girl called Tara aptly called as ‘Tara ki Kahani’.

The various activities which the bulbul students undertake are :

KNOT TYING TRAINING where they learn about different types of knots such as reef knot, clove hitch knot, fishermen knot, seat belt knot.

Yells, games the “cheeta and cheetal” are played with them.
CATC Camp – Combined Annual Training Camp - (4 to 13 June 2012)
SMS, Janakpuri - CATC Camp : Click to EnlargeCombind Annual Training Camp was organized by 5 Delhi Girls Battalion under the guidance of Lt. Col. Ajay Tomar. It was held in Delhi Cantt. Parade ground for the period of ten days i.e. 4th to 13th of June 2012. Total of 385 cadets from different schools & colleges participated in various activities – firing, rock climbing extempore, debate, dance, music (solo / group), drill competition, Kho Kho etc.

Prabhdeep Kaur of class IX in Quiz Competition. Sanshuti Sharma got silver medal in dance competition.

N.C.C. girls of our school got III Prize in Kho Kho competition.
P.M Rally - 2012
P.M Rally - 2012
PM Rally is organized by Delhi Directorate on 28th January every year. This year, 700 students of different school had participated in PT drill.

From our school 18 Girls Cadet participated.
N.C.C. Camp - (10 to 19 June 2011)
SMS, Janakpuri NCC Cadets : Click to EnlargeCATC Camp was organized by 5 Delhi Girls Battalion NCC from 10 June to 19 June 2011. 17 girl cadets from Classes VIII to IX participated in this camp and were a part of many activities like Solo Dance, Painting Competition, Rifle Shooting, Kho-Kho, etc.

Cadet Simran of Class IX got first prize in Painting Competition and

Cadet Mahika of Class IX got second prize in Solo Dance and Declamation.
Basic Leadership Camp - (14 to 23 October 2011)

A team comprising of three students of our school attended the BLC held at Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. The students participated in various activities including group song, Speech, kho-kho, kitley out.

The students who won the first prize in group song and group dance were - Taranjot, Nikita and Mahika. Mahika Luthra also won the first prize in speech competition.

P.M. Rally 2011
Participation in the P.M. Rally is the regular feature of our school. This year too 26 girls of our school participated in this event which was organized by the Delhi Directorate.

The rally consisted of various performances performed by 1500 students from all over India.
Marching ahead ……
The Annual training camp organized by N.C.C. – National Cadet Corps was attended by cadets and teacher incharge of SMS- Janakpuri – “The Leaders of Tomorrow” grooming the youth into disciplined and patriotic citizens. Its aim was to develop qualities like leadership; comradeship, and selfless service etc.

In view of this, our children attended a Training Camp under the command of Lt. Col. Ajai Tomar of 5 Delhi Girls Btn. from 27th May 2010 to 5th June 2010. The cadets underwent rigorous training sessions including drill, firing, sports etc.
PM Rally - (28 January 2010)
St. Markians in Green representing prosperity - Click to EnlargeSt. Markians in Green representing prosperity - Click to EnlargePM Rally was organized by Delhi Directorate of NCC on 28th of January 2010.

Around 1400 Junior Wing Cadets from different school participated in this rally. 25 Girls Cadets from our school of classes VII to IX took part in it.
PM Rally - (28 January 2008)
NCC PRIME MINISTER'S RALLY was held on 28th January 2008 at the Garrison Ground Delhi Cantt. 52 Girls Cadets of St. Mark's Sr. Sec. Public School have participated in PT Drill and from the Map of India. These 52 Girls Cadets were from VI-VII and VIII standard.