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Anti-Bullying Policy
Bullying is unacceptable in this school. Bullying is an illegal offence and there will be zero tolerance for this behavior. Bullying is a behaviour by an individual or group, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally.

Some types of bullying are given below:
»» Physical: hitting, kicking, tripping, any form of violence or intimidation, taking or hiding belongings, damaging property etc.
»» Verbal: name calling, teasing, insulting, commenting or making fun of someone’s caste, colour, creed, gender, being sarcastic, abusive comments etc.
»» Emotional: being intentionally rude, spreading rumours or hurtful gossip, causing humiliation, social embarassment etc.
»» Cyber - email and internet chat room misuse, writing or sending unkind messages, mobile phone threats by text, calls, social websites etc.
»» The school takes a positive, active approach to educate pupils to combat bullying and making the school a safe place.

Students found guilty of bullying will be dealt with firmly and strict action will be taken against them.