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Is success today measured not by how far we reach... but by the number of individuals we leave behind to come so far ...?

That's how competition seems to describe life today. There isn't a place, a field or position for which we do not have to complete.

Competition is an opportunity to improve ourselves, a way to see where we stand in life. It doesn't matter whether the competition is between two or two hundred; what matters is how we strategize ourselves to give our best.

The competitive spirit is what gives us the zeal to achieve what we desire, leaving behind the rest of the world; and does the lack of it prove us to be losers in this illusionistic world ? Is it that if we are not a part of the rat-race always, we become non-achievers ? No Competition is only necessary for us to realize that life is not a cake walk and we will have to work hard to achieve our goals.

Session : 2018-19
Chief Editor Arzoo, XI-C
Editorial Team

Sarthak Sachdeva, XI-A
Devanshi Mehta, XI-A
Ishika Chauhan, XI-A
Sachmeet, XI-B
Shivangi Sharma, XI-B


Harji Singh, IX-B
Radhika Ahuja, IX-B
Priyanshi Goel, IX-G
Ishan Sinha, IX-C
Prithika Ghosh, IX-D