British Council : International School Award 2012-2015 St. Mark's Sr. Sec. Public School, Meera Bagh, Delhi St. Mark's Sr. Sec. Public School
Asia-Europe Classroom
Vice Principal - Ms. Ritika Anand (Academics)
Vice Principal : Ms. RITIKA ANAND (Academics)
Ms. Ritika Anand - Vice Principal (Academics)

Ms. Ritika Anand is multi-talented, her specialization being in Physics and Maths. She is a theatre enthusiast with a special interest in performing arts and quizzing.

She is an accomplished educator with very progressive and innovative ideas and believes in the right balance of academics and co-curricular activities. She advocates activity based teaching, where students can feel and experience what they learn. For her experimenting and reporting are the two main components to make students’ learning stronger and lifelong.

Her strength is developing creative curricula and she stresses on proper planning of lessons, as well as observing and evaluation of teaching strategies for the best learning outcomes. She excels in planning and organizing and brings out the best in both the students and teachers. She desires that the school should be a place where students feel inspired to take greater ownership of their learning, identify areas and questions that interest them, conduct research and arrive at solutions. She firmly believes that ‘concepts, coupled with the skills’ is the way forward for this generation of learners. Her vision is to provide the learners with ample opportunities and enriching experiences so that the students become confident and can shine in all walks of life, be it academics, sports, self-expression or leadership.

Ms. Ritika has excellent communication skills and enjoys harmonious interaction with parents. She is a great motivator and guide for both the staff members and students. She has helped students to overcome their problems in academics and otherwise. She has touched the lives of many students who remember her with love gratitude.