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Loyalty, Truth & Honour
(Formerly St. Mark's Girls Sr. Sec. School)
This Society runs St. Mark’s Sr. Sec. Public School, Meera Bagh & Janakpuri too.
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Technology in the Classrooms
In our endeavour to provide world class teaching to our students which will enhance the teaching learning process, Educomp Smart Class Program (Interactive Digitalized Computer Aided Learning Technology) has been introduced .This is a technology integration program that empowers teachers with technology right inside the classroom.
This program enables teachers to teach with the use of digital resources such as graphics, animation, 3D Images and Video clips in addition to the chalk and talk methods of teaching. This results in a completely new multi-sensory learning experience for students and helps them to understand concepts, retain knowledge and thus improve their academic performance.
When the world was reeling under Covid-19, learning did not stop. The school adopted the virtual mode of teaching and learning, Through Microsoft App, the students not only attended their virtual school but also took part in multifarious activities along with Inter Class and Inter School Competitions e.g. debates, plays, recitation competitions, dance competitions, etc.
The confidence and calibre of the fervent students is the most important consideration for St. Mark’s World School.